2 Function LED Hand Lamp - 3xAA

200 Lumens



3 x AA Alkaline Batteries Included


The Lighthouse LED Hand Lamp is a compact yet powerful double function lamp that operates as a torch or worklight. This versatile lamp offers two types of light output using either a three LED spotlight providing a 15 Lumen spotbeam or a bright 200 Lumen worklight.

For added versatility the lamp also features a hanging hook and a magnetic back allowing the lamp to be hung or attached to metal surfaces. The lamp can provide a spot beam for up to 35 hours or 9 hours on the work light setting.

Available in either red or blue and supplied complete with 3 x AA Alkaline Batteries.

Brightness200 lumens15 lumens
Run time9 hours35 hours
Light sourceCOB LEDLED
Dimensions200 x 60 x 32mm
Supplied with3 x AA Alkaline batteries
List Price
£10.14 exc.VAT £12.17 inc.VAT
€12.05 exc.VAT €14.82 inc.VAT
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