elite 3W LED Zoom Headlight - 4xAA

120 Lumens
Lighthouse elite 3W LED Zoom Headlight - 4xAA
Lighthouse elite 3W LED Zoom Headlight - 4xAA
Lighthouse elite 3W LED Zoom Headlight - 4xAA 1
Lighthouse elite 3W LED Zoom Headlight - 4xAA 2
Lighthouse elite 3W LED Zoom Headlight - 4xAA 3
Lighthouse elite 3W LED Zoom Headlight - 4xAA 4





4 x AA Alkaline Batteries Included


The Lighthouse ZOOM headtorch provides an impressive 120 lumens of light from the latest, extremely powerful Cree XPE LED.

It is ideal for anyone who needs to keep their hands free, whether working on the job site, cycling, camping or any number of activities or tasks.

It has three functions: High beam, low beam and signal (strobe) when you want to draw attention. You can also focus the beam and adjust the head 90° to shine light where you need it.

This headtorch is both shock and rain resistant which makes it ideal for outdoor use, and will provide a constant bright light for up to eight hours on one set of AA batteries, which are supplied.

• 3 functions - High beam, low beam, and signal (strobe)
• Adjustable lamp tilts 90°
• Adjustable focus beam
• Adjustable head strap

Brightness120 lumens60 lumens
Run timeUp to 8 hours
Light source3 Watt Cree XPE LED
Weight327g inc battery
Supplied with4 x AA Alkaline batteries
List Price
£26.76 exc.VAT £32.11 inc.VAT
€31.81 exc.VAT €39.13 inc.VAT
Average Rating:
4.67 out of 5

Fantastic torch, best I have found on the market, the beam is very strong, I have four for different uses and activities. For painting, you will never paint again without one of these torches !!!!

Reviewed by Ron Warner on 16th of June 2019

Literally brilliant - also excellent value. Tightest beam has a range of several hundred yards. Has had a lot of use since I bought it several months ago. 4 AA NiMH (200 mAh) cells give about 6 hours on full power before the brightness starts to drop noticeably; 2 working days on half power! 4 cells are easier to recharge than 3. Two minor criticisms: 1) the widest beam could do with being wider for use as a work torch in confined spaces - find I have to keep moving my head rather than my eyes; 2) the lens needs to be recessed slightly to protect it - I marked it on a flat painted surface causing a dark spot right in the middle of the beam, fortunately it polished out (Solvol Autosol).

Reviewed by Guy Attfield on 29th of June 2015

I just got one its great for fishing and recommend anyone to get one 8 out of 10

Reviewed by Anthony Sheridan on 7th of December 2014

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