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LED Emergency Sensor Light

50 Lumens




The Lighthouse ESENSOR multi-function lamp has many great features that make it perfect for use around the home and is ideal as an emergency lighting system, torch or floodlight. Plugged into a power outlet the torch remains on charge ready for instant use. In the event of a power failure the sensor light will automatically switch on its LED floodlight, providing illumination and identifying its position should you wish to remove the lamp from its base charger and use it as an LED hand floodlight or LED torch.

Security and energy saving, the integral 120 degree motion sensor will activate the lamp when triggered by movement. It is perfect for dark porches, halls, stairways or anywhere light is not required on a permanent basis.

N.B - the sensor will illuminate the light based on movement, but if the surrounding light level is too high it will not illuminate.

Output: Torch 50 Lumens, Floodlight 30 Lumens.

Instruction Manual
Brightness50 lumens30 lumens
Run time (fully charged)1.5 hours2 hours
Light source2 x 0.5W LEDs16 LEDs
SensorDuration 25 ±5 seconds, distance 2-3 metres
Dimensions130 x 63mm
Battery3.7V 500mAh Li-ion rechargeable
Charge time8-10 hours
Voltage230V AC, 50Hz, 2W
List Price
£22.68 exc.VAT £27.22 inc.VAT
€26.31 exc.VAT €32.36 inc.VAT
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