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AutoLight Emergency Torch and Sensor Light

70 Lumens

70 Lumens Emergency lighting This truly multi-function lamp has many great features that make it perfect for use around the home and is ideal as an emergency lighting system, torch or floodlight. Plugged in to a power outlet the torch remains on charge ready for instant use, in the event of a power failure the AutoLight will automatically switch on its 15 LED floodlight, providing illumination and identifying its position should you wish to remove the lamp from its base charger and use it as a 15 LED hand floodlight or 7 LED torch.

Security and energy saving AutoLights integral 120 degree motion sensor will activate the lamp when triggered. Perfect for dark porches, halls, stairways or anywhere light is not required on a permanent basis. AutoLight provides visibility, added security and is energy saving.

Operating the AutoLight

The AutoLight is very simple to set up, simply plug the charger into the required mains outlet socket and leave to charge. Running time for a fully charged battery is approximately 8 hours. Once the initial charge is complete the AutoLight will function as follows:

  1. A power failure will switch on the 15 LED floodlight
  2. Motion sensor activation will switch on the 15 LED floodlight
  3. Removing the torch from the charge will switch on the 15 LED floodlight
  4. When removed from its charger for use as a torch the AutoLight can be cycled between Flood, Beam and OFF by repeated press of the main switch
  5. Always return the AutoLight to its charger to ensure it is fully charged ready for its next use

Dimensions: 150 x 54 x 35mm (exc. charger)

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