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Colour Changing LED Torch - 3xAAA





3 x AAA Alkaline Batteries Included


This compact pocket torch has a handy four colour output option using its selection of coloured LEDs. 3 White LEDs, 1 Red LED, 1 Green LED and 1 Blue LED.

White LEDs provide a good light general purpose light, Red LEDs helps preserve night vision.

The Green LED also helps preserve night vision but also provides good colour contrast when reading maps.

Blue is useful when identifying fluid leaks.

The torch has a 360 degree swivel head and is fitted with a magnetic base so that it can be attached to any metal surface. The torch also features a handy pocket clip and wrist strap.

Available in three body colours: Red, Blue or Black.

Light source6 bright LEDs
Dimensions115 x 38 x 27mm
Supplied with3 AAA cell Alkaline batteries
List Price
£66.16 (£5.51 each) exc.VAT £79.39 (£6.62 each) inc.VAT
€76.75 (€6.4 each) exc.VAT €94.40 (€7.87 each) inc.VAT
Price is for a counter display unit of 12 torches.
Please see your local dealer if you wish to purchase a single torch.

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